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Avalon Biography

Avalon is a Colombian Melodic Metal band. Formed in 1997, Avalon started their
artistic career by recording a demo tape known as “Radiografia” (Radiography).
During 2002 a consistent and professional lineup is finally gathered which still runs
to the date. In 2018, the band releases their first album, Bajo El Velo De La Ilusion
(Beneath the Veil of Illusion). Avalon has played as opening act for bands such as
Therion, Cradle of Filth, Children of Boddoom, The Agonist, and others. They also
have played locally in Ibague, Pereira, Armenia, Manizales, Tunja, Bogota, all of
them important scenarios for metal music in Colombia. After a couple of years,
Avalon releases “Desvanecer” (Vanishing) pressed by Origen Audio Studios; here
is found their first track ever “Vivo” (Alive).

Avalon incorporates music styles like Rock and Metal music so their heavy and
deep sound. Their musical base line handles with rhythm elements and
synchronized meter variations. Their Lyrics tell about the exact relation between
man and his environment, feelings, experiences and ideals focused on the human
perception using metaphoric language to describe it.
Avalon is a band which ideologically promotes human introspection. “We want to
reach everyone in general, because we consider that our mission as musicians is
to promote the artistic expressions taking advantages from local spaces to rock just
as Rock al Parque (a local festival) to show people how to be in a band demands
to be professionally and responsibly.
We consider Rock al Parque is a platform for local artists where Colombian Rock
music and national culture can be known internationally. It´s important to go on
with this process of touring, making new contacts, joining to music academies and
young people to create support for those who dream about one day their country
has a representation when they play their tunes everywhere”.
The Most recent Avalon live Show was during XVII Festival de las Montañas
Movimiento Rock Ciudad Bolivar (a Traditional Local festival).

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